What's the difference between Watt Time and Watt Key?

Watt Time needs a connection to the internet as it talks to your Tesla via the Tesla API. Due to this, there's a bit of a delay between sending a command, it reaching Tesla's servers and then the command eventually reaching your Tesla. As it's internet based it's susceptible to the usual connectivity issues as well as the possibility the Tesla servers are running slow or are down.

Watt Key on the other hand uses Bluetooth to talk directly to your Tesla so it doesn't require an internet connection and the commands are almost instantaneous. Tesla's Bluetooth protocol is quite basic however, so you can only do basic things like lock/unlock, open frunk, open/close trunk, open/close charge port. Whereas Watt Time has many more features as Tesla's API supports things like climate control, charging control, summon, etc.

Can I use Watt Time and/or Watt Key to unlock my Tesla?

Yes, both can unlock your Tesla!

Watt Time uses NFC to unlock your Tesla. See how to do this in the video below.

Watt Key functions as a Bluetooth key fob and can unlock your car as long as you're within Bluetooth range.

Will Watt Time work on my watch?

Watt Time requires Wear OS 3 or higher. Unfortunately the very popular Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and older models use the Tizen OS which is incompatible. Watt Time and Watt Key work best on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5/6 and Google Pixel Watch and Watch 2.