Watt Time

Watt Time is an app for Android Wear OS smart watches. It connects to the official Tesla API to access data from your Tesla(s) and to send commands to your Tesla(s).


  • Lock and unlock doors
  • NFC support - add your watch as an NFC key lock
  • Open and close frunk and trunk
  • Honk horn and flash lights
  • Remotely start your car (use your watch as a key)
  • Turn sentry mode on and off
  • See battery level and range
  • Open and close charge port
  • Start and stop charging and view charging info
  • Turn climate control on and off
  • Set climate temperature
  • Vent and close windows
  • Set heated seats heating level
  • Turn heated steering wheel on and off
  • Support for multiple Tesla's
  • Trigger Homelink
  • View your Tesla's location on a map
  • See detailed information about your car
  • Customizable tile for quick access to commands

To add your watch as an NFC key simply hop in your Tesla and open the Locks section within the Car menu Press the "+" button to add a new key. Your Tesla will now prompt you to scan your new key; at this point you'll need to take your watch off your wrist and place it on the center console where you'd usually place your key card. Your Tesla will detect your watch as a NFC key and prompt you to authorize this new key by scanning an existing key card. Once you scan your key card to confirm you should see your watch in your Locks menu as an "unknown key". You can give it a handy nickname to remember that it's your watch key.

How is Watt Time Different From Watt Key?

Watt Time uses the Tesla API which requires an internet connection. This comes with the usual downsides of an internet connection, it can be slow or unavailable all together, also on rare occasions the Tesla API server goes down and no one is able to access their vehicle via the Tesla app and by proxy, Watt Time. The Tesla API is much more feature rich than the Bluetooth protocol though and can read almost any metric from the Tesla and send almost any command.

Watt Key on the other hand uses Tesla's VCSEC Bluetooth protocol. Therefore Watt Key only requires Bluetooth and no active internet connection. Bluetooth is also very quick so commands have almost no latency. The Bluetooth protocol however only allows for basic commands like lock/unlock, open/close frunk, trunk and charge port.